On-Line Ordering

Ordering on-line can, when being done for the first time, appear a little daunting. In fact it is comprised of a series of simple steps, which have to be gone through with just a little patience, as the speed of information transferable can be, shall we say, variable.

All on-line shopping systems are a little different but this, we think, is the best way of explaining ours.

You will see a number of products on the SHOP page but ordering any one of them uses essentially the same system. Click through from the SHOP page by clicking where you see the property that you have been invoiced for , i.e. Tigh na'Tilleadh or Bothan na'Tilleadh, or on the Special Offer that interests you.

In the cases of the Tigh and the Bothan you will then be given the option of paying a deposit, a balance or a full payment. You have also to choose the season, the length of the stay and the make-up of the party. Work out the combination applicable to your booking. Click on each element of it and you will be taken through to a Shopping page for each element for your particular accommodation package. To add elements click on the "Continue Shopping" button.

In the case of a Special Offer you have to pay the full amount on booking. You have to choose the length of the package or combination of packages, again clicking on the "Continue Shopping" button to combine packages

When happy with your order, click on 'Cashier'. That will take you through to the 'Customer Details for your Order' page.

Fill in the details and then click on 'Next' That will take you through to the 'Summary of Order Page'. Once happy with your pricing, click on the Netbanx logo button. (Netbanx are our on-line bank, where your credit card will be verified and by which the credit card will be deducted on a secure server.) That will take you through to an order confirmation page. Again check your details. At the time the Netbanx On-line Card Transaction Clearance Form will appear.

Fill in the form with your credit card details and then click on 'Transmit'. When your credit card is verified, the amount of the order will be deducted from your card. You should automatically be sent an e-mail confirmation of this but sometimes it does not happen as it should. If it does not, contact us and we will let you know whether confirmation of the payment has been received by us. We will received an e-mail confirmation of the order and a confirmation of the payment. Once we have that the accommodation booking can taken as confirmed.

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